On-site Environmental Manager

Compliance with the extensive set of conditions of the various environmental approvals during the construction or operational phases of a project require constant attention and resources. EIMS offers the opportunity for our clients to outsource the environmental management responsibility to an experienced individual, or team, who is able to manage the day to day project activities in a way that their environmental responsibilities are considered and complied with.

Our focus on practical and efficient ways of reducing the environmental impact of on-site activities will often lead to environmental risk reduction and cost savings. Regular reporting and feedback on environmental performance results in a well-informed site management team allowing them to focus on their own responsibilities. In addition, our experienced environmental managers, backed up by the entire EIMS company, are able to provide adhoc legal and technical advice, support and training at all times to our clients on the ground.

Having fulfilled the environmental manager role on massive projects such as the Transnet Multi Products Pipeline between Heidelberg and Durban, where an environmental team of over 20 people was supervised for a number of years, as well as on-site management on mining sites and energy projects, EIMS is perfectly suited to assist our clients on a full-time or part-time basis anywhere in Africa.