Environmental Monitoring

EIMS offers expert baseline assessments and ongoing monitoring of a broad range of environmental aspects. EIMS has a team of scientists who are leading the field locally and internationally in their field of expertise and applying their expertise to ensure a sustainable approach to management of the environment. EIMS offers the following services in environmental monitoring and management:

  • Baseline vegetation assessments including vegetation mapping;
  • Alien and invasive weed eradication programmes;
  • Ecological restoration and rehabilitation plans;
  • Riparian habitat assessments;
  • Aquatic invertebrate assessments (according to the South African Scoring System-SASS);
  • Identification and assessment of freshwater diatoms and other algae;
  • Dust fallout and respirable dust monitoring;
  • Bio-assessment using a suite of Biomarker Assays including: EROD, CEA, CAT, GSH, MDA, Protein carbonyls, and Metalothione (MT);
  • Identification and assessment of harmful algal blooms (HAB);
  • Monitoring of physical and chemical parameters in the water environment (surface and groundwater);
  • Integrated aquatic health assessments;
  • Water Use licencing applications; and
  • Noise level monitoring during construction.

We have completed the following projects in this field over the years:

  • Baseline and ongoing routine environmental monitoring for Phase 1C the Olifants River Water Resources Project, a bulk water pipeline between the De Hoop Dam and Steelpoort, Mpumalanga. The project includes monitoring of water (point and diffuse), air quality (PM10 and fallout dust), and noise to ensure and guide compliance with the environmental specifications of the construction phase;
  • Tetra4 have been awarded a Natural Gas Production Right over a ~ 200 000ha area near Virginia, Free State Province. EIMS was appointed to undertake surface and groundwater sampling to establish an environmental baseline and to monitor the actual impacts associated with the proposed gas production activities- EIMS prides itself in using specialist equipment and methodologies to ensure dependability;
  • Long term water quality monitoring (chemical) and interpretation for the regional waste disposal facility in East London, Eastern Cape, RSA;
  • Vegetation mapping and assessment for the proposed Lisbon Estate Golf Estate, Limpopo, RSA;
  • Water quality assessments of the Wemmer Pan area as a component of the Strategic Environmental Assessment, Gauteng, RSA;
  • Algal assessments for the Department for Water Affairs and Forestry’s National Algal database; and
  • Algal assessment as an indicator of wetland water quality for the Zonk’izizwe Development, Gauteng, RSA.