Environmental Impact Assessments

Since 1996, environmental authorisations have been a mandatory requirement for a wide variety of development activities, in South Africa and increasingly in the rest of the African continent. EIMS has completed several hundred Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies in several African Countries.

EIMS has the expertise and experience available to undertake the full spectrum of studies required for EIA’s, in accordance with the Equator Principles, and the national requirements of any African country or alternatively those of the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, African Development Bank and all other funding agencies. This includes the statutory public participation and consultation process, specialist studies and all the required interactions with the regulating authorities.

EIMS prides itself in being able to provide a tailor made and practical approach to Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and a No Net Loss Approach, where possible, to our EIA’s.  

EIMS has a specific core focus, and experience, in conducting EIA’s and EMPs for large infrastructure projects, linear developments as well as for the power and energy industries. The following list provides a brief glimpse at EIMS’ extensive experience in conducting high profile, complex and sensitive EIA’s and EMPs:

  • EIA and EMP including associated site selection for Eskom Arnot Power Station new Ash Disposal Facility in Mpumalanga Province, RSA,
  • EIA and EMP for 2 OCGT peaking power plants (980MW and 500MW respectively) in KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape, RSA;
  • EIA for a nuclear waste (ferrous and non-ferrous) smelter at Pelindaba, North West , RSA;
  • EIA for spent nuclear fuel storage facility at Pelindaba, North West, RSA;
  • EIA for biodiesel facility in Bougouni Province, Mali;
  • EIA for a 250km long high voltage electrical transmission line between Mchuchuma and Mufindi, Southern Tanzania;
  • EIA’s and EMPs for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project, Gauteng Province RSA;
  • EIA’s and EMPs for numerous High Voltage Transmission Lines for Eskom, RSA; and
  • EIA and EMPR for the first ever On-shore Natural Gas Production Right, Virginia, RSA.